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Text-level Tags in HTML

Text-level Tags in HTML

Last time we have seen, The Block-level Tags in HTML. Today we are going to learn about Text-level Tags in HTML. So hurry up and get connected...

Primary Text-level Tags

The Text-level Tags are generally used for a particular block of content in the Webpage of HTML, but this content must have to be Text only. Block-level markup elements appear on the webpage as if they have a line break before and after the content, while the Text-level Tags don't.
A Text-level Markup Element does not cover the whole horizontal area of its parent markup element (container), and a vertical area is equal to the height of its contents like the block-level tags did. Browsers generally display the Text-level markup element in the same line i.e. it does not break the lines.

Tags Description
<b> Display Text in Bold
<i> Display Text in Italic
<u> Display Text with Underline
<tt> Display Text in Monospaced Font
<div> Create a group of elements, sections, or subsections
<sup> Display Text in Superscript
<sub> Display Text in Subscript

In Text-level Tags, there are many tags such as, Underline tag <u> defines text with underline, Italic tag <i> defines text in italics, Division tag <div> creates a group or section of elements, and so on. 

So let's see an example...

Example : 

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title> Text-level Tags in HTML </title>
        <b>The Bold Text</b>        <!-- Displaying Text in Bold -->
        <i>The Italic Text</i>      <!-- Displaying Text in Italic -->
        <u>Text with Underline</u>  <!-- Displaying Text with Underline -->
        <tt>Text in Monospaced Font</tt>    <!-- Displaying Text in Monospace Font -->   
        This is a <sup>Superscript</sup> Text   <!-- Displaying Text in Superscript -->
        This is a <sub>Subscript</sub> Text     <!-- Displaying Text in Subscript -->
        This is a Text with <strike>Strikethrough</strike>      <!-- Displaying Text in Strikethrough -->   

Output : 

In the above program, we can see, that all the Primary Text-level Tags can be used to perform a specific operation on the Text Content. The program also defines every Text-level tag through the comments.

So, now it's time to end the session. See you guys Next Time, stay tuned for further updates on HTML Programming Languages...!!!

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