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Hacking Phone Camera via Link | Saycheese tool installation | Satcheese hacking Tool

Hacking Phone Camera via Link

Hi guys, Now we are going to see how hackers hack your phone via links only. We are going to access the camera of the victim.

Hacking Phone cameras via Links is a common method for cybercriminals to gain access and grab sensitive data from the victim's device. The process of Hacking phones is very simple you just need to create and send malicious or infected links to victims via email, text message, or any other social media platform. When the victim clicks on the link and gives permission then the malware is installed on the device. It allows hackers to access your phone and perform any activity they want.

Steps to Hack phone via Links:

Creation of link:
Cybercriminals create links attached to a payload that can affect the victim's device when the link is clicked.

Spreading the link:
Cybercriminals Spread links to the victim via email, text messages, and other social media platforms.

Acquiring the access:
After the victim opened that link it automatically installs some malicious software on that device and now the access to that device goes to the hacker.

Now we are going to do it practically type the following commands in your termux shell to install the needed tools:

Before installing the tool directly we need to install PHP in termux
apt install php
After that copy this to install the tool
Check tool is installed or not by typing this command
After that change, the directory goes into the saycheese directory
cd saycheese
Make this file executable
chmod +x saycheese 
Now execute it by using the following command
before running this check that your hotspot is on otherwise this toll not works!

After this it shows you two options:
[02] Ngrok

Choose option: 2
It automatically starts to download Ngrok 
After that, it shows you Direct link Copy that and send it to your victim, when your victim tries to open that link and allows permission you can access their cameras.
It starts receiving pictures from the victim's device and then to open that files you need to get them into your storage. For that:
mv <filename.type> /sdcard

After this, you can simply check that image in your mobile storage.

NOTE: We created this post only for educational purposes! or author of post are not responsible for any suspicious activity of audiences. 👀

Please do not try these tricks for enjoyment !!!

Hope this post will help you to know more about Hacking using Android..!

Thank You..!! 🧡

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