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What Is Data Tampering, avoid hacking attacks

What Is Data Tampering

Full-Guide With Prevention


Data tampering is the act of deliberately modifying ( destroying, or editing ) data through unauthorized channels.
Data exists in two states: in transit or at rest. In both instances, data could be tampered.

Let's check them with examples:


Data In Transit

  • If data packets are transmitted unprotected, a hacker can intercept the data packet, modify it's contents.

Data At Rest

  • With data at rest, a system application can suffer a data breaches and can access by the hackers.


Attackers insert malicious files that change the configuration of a system, or gain sensitive data and can modify it.
Imagine if an hacker penetrate your company's network, modified your customer's data, and then tampered with the log files to cover their tracks.

Data tampering can have long lasting, server consequences on an organization.

5 Ways you can use for data tampering prevention

1. Encrypt Data For Rest & In-transit

Data encryption is the process of translation data from one form into another that unauthorized users cannot decrypt.

2. Copy-On-write File Systems

It is concept used to maintain instant snapshots on database servers.
Security teams can detect data tampering by monitoring snapshots and checking for unexpeted file system snapshots.

3. Data Integrity Using HMAC'S

Hash-Based Message Authentication code ( HMAC ) is a type of message authentication code ( MAC ) that consist of a cryptographic hash function and secret key.
HMAC is a way of signing message/file so that if the tampered, it is very easy to detect and then you know not to trust the tampered data.

4. File Integrity Monitoring ( FIM )

FIM is theprocess of monitoring files to check if any changes have been made.
FIM repeatedly recalculates the checksum of the same resources, compares it to the baseline, and if it detects changes, it generates a security alert.

5. Worm Systems ( Write Once Read Many )

Write once read many ( WORM ) system refers to a storage technology where data, once written, cannot be overwritten.
WORM system offer a long-term storage strategy that ensures users cannot accidentally or intentionally erase or modify data.

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